Can't log in on Android app

I recently realized I was no longer getting Hubitat notifications. I opened the app and logged out. I try to log back in and it says Fetching Users Data and just hangs there. I tried clearing the app data and uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem remains. Any advice?

It is usually very helpful if you could share details about your phone model and Android version that is currently running, as not all manufacturers use pure Android operating system and some add optimization tasks that could interfere with other apps. With that being said, based on the details you shared it sounds like your hub may not be connected to the cloud.

Thanks for the response. I have a OnePlus 10Pro with Android 13.

How do I reconnect my hub to the cloud? Just reboot it possibly?

OnePlus is one of those manufacturers that has own OxygenOS based on Androidâ„¢, so your experience using the Hubitat Mobile app may not be great even if you are now dealing with maybe a connectivity issue. Yes, rebooting the hub may help reconnecting it.

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