Can't include GD00Z-8-GC

I'm unable to get a newly bought GoControl GD00Z-8-GC to join the zwave network with a C7 hub. I've tried:

  1. Adding it as a new GoControl Garage Door Controller
  2. Adding it as a Generic Device
  3. Factory resetting the GD00Z-8-GC
  4. Excluding the GD00Z-8-GC
  5. Checking for ghost devices and removing them.
  6. Rebooting the hub
  7. Repowering the GD00Z-8-GC.
  8. Moving it to within 5 feet of the hub.

I see from searching the forum that people have succeeded in getting these devices on the network and that it now can use the Garage Door Controller type. But others haven't, perhaps because there's a number that has to be put into a pop-up dialog box that Hubitat software doesn't have? Does anyone know the current state of compatibility or current process to successfully join the GD00Z-8-GC?

There have been a few symptoms as I've tried to add the device. The current one is that I did Devices | Add Device | Find by device type | Garage Door Controller | GoControl | Start Z-Wave Inclusion and saw:

The device is completing bootstrapping and no further action is needed. It will show up below once bootstrapping has completed.

Found a Z-Wave device, initializing...

A dialog appeared asking about security; I chose "None". But after that it never completed or said anything anything else. Now I see a ghost like:

Refresh does nothing. Repair successfully repairs, but returns to the same screen with Discover. Clicking Discover does nothing.

Progress! I tried it again, this time choosing to use security. It then asked for the first 5 digits from the SDK code sticker on the underside of the device. Then it appeared in the network. Good.

However, I see that

  1. It has a Repair button in its Z-Wave Details listing. Clicking Repair appears to succeed, but the Repair remains present, even after a Refresh.

  2. Its device details show it as a Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener type and I don't see a GoControl Garage Door Opener type. Is that ok?

Repair is not pairing again, it is to relearn the neighbors for the Z-wave network. It stays there even once you use it.

Many devices use the Generic _________ drivers. There really isn't a need for a specific driver in many cases if the device in question is fairly standard. Only when you get odd combinations of characteristics, or a device that might have extended functions (power reporting, or button function on a light switch) .

In short, if it works, the driver is fine.

Barrier devices such as Locks and Garage door openers must be paired with security to work properly.


This! ^^^

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Repair is not pairing again, it is to relearn the neighbors for the Z-wave network.

Ah, ok. Why do some devices have it and others don't? Is it a Z-Wave Plus feature?

Also, I see that the device details page has a toggle for Hub Mesh Enabled. Should that be enabled? I already have a repeater in the garage to improve reliability for the garage door. I would think the mesh should be enabled in general. OTOH, it's the garage door controller I'm trying to make reliable, so it would reduce traffic by being a leaf in the network and not trying to carry other traffic.

Only devices that can repeat will have it. So no battery powered FLIRS or LSS devices.

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Hub mesh is from hub to hub (AKA a multi-hub setup), not Z-wave or Zigbee mesh. You can probably leave that off unless you have two or more hubs.

You have no control over whether a Z-wave or Zigbee device is a router, nor where it routes to. And we don't really need to mess with that. The devices figure out what is a router, how to "phone home" so to speak, and the best path to the hub.

I see. Thanks for the great info, @neonturbo, @rlithgow1, and @aaiyar!

I learned something today! Thank you!

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