Can't get Google Home to work

Had a Google Mini in my last house. Moved to new location and reset Google Mini.
Yesterday and today the message is: 'Can't connect to hubitat' when trying to 'login' using google account. I see the oauth screen flash by...
Is Hubitat down or is it just the google app connection to hubitat that is broken?

Only you know if your hubitat is down. Hubitat doesn't use it's own cloud server to connect to google home. Likely the issue is since you moved it can't find the up.

Delete the google integration app in HE, factory reset your google mini. Set your google mini back up in google home. Re install the integration for HE. That should get you back on track.

Thanks @rlithgow1 I'll give it a try when I have some time. Moving your house, office and warehouse - sucks.
One thing on re-read of my own post - I said 'can't connect to hubitat' which is the message on the phone, but the string below it is 'can't connect to' something or rather.

Regardless, I'll try and tear it down to clean and reinstall.

Problem resolved by blowing the brain out the mini and disconnecting it from my user account.
I did loose the 2 chromecast setups I had - c'est la vie.