Can't figure out how to control dimmer/light the way I want

Trying to get familiar with rules, scenes, etc., and I'm having a hard time figuring out something that I think should be easy to do. I guess there's some fundamental aspects of HE that I just haven't grasped yet.

I want to a control "dumb" light using a Zooz ZEN77 dimmer. I'm bench testing the dimmer, and have it installed, included in HE, and working in its basic mode, e.g., from the dimmer, I can turn the light on/off, and control the brightness.

I would like have a double tap on the bottom paddle do the following...

  1. Wait for 5 seconds
  2. Dim the light to 20%
  3. Wait for another 5 seconds
  4. Turn off the light

I know some smart dimmers have this capability out of the box, but if the ZEN77 does, I can't find how to enable it. That's why I'm trying to do it with HE. I'm using the "Zooz ZEN dimmer advanced" driver.

I've tried using Basic Rules, Rules Machine, and Room Lighting, but nothing I've tried gets me all the way there.

The driver doc from Zooz says for the lower paddle "2 x tap: Scene 2, attribute 03". What does that mean and how does it affect what I'm trying to do?

Let's ignore your last paragraph for the time being, since your goal is to have Hubitat handle everything the moment you double-tap down/Off on the dimmer switch.

One helpful first step would be to investigate the Zooz dimmer, listed under Devices, to see if "Double-Tap" is one of its built-in feature (more to the point, a feature that the current driver recognizes and exposes there on the Device Edit page). Test by clicking that paddle using different "Button" numbers (1, then 2, etc.) to see how the light responds, and make a note of the one that most closely matches the expected behavior.

Assuming that's a "Yes", then Rule Machine (where I do virtually all of my automations these days, regardless of type) should be able to construct a rule that can be triggered by:

Type: Custom Attribute ► Device: Zooz ► Attribute: Double tap ► Comparison: = ► Numeric value: 1 (same value as you discovered during initial testing)

Hope that gets you a step closer to your destination!
Others will be along shortly to give you even clearer, most suitable advice!!

I think @LibraSun provided a good start but before, and as I am dealing with Zooz dimmers as well and made this mistake initially, make sure that Scene Control is enabled in the Preferences section of your device. If this option is disabled, Zooz will not recognize the double tap.

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I stumbled across enabling Scene Control earlier, so I have that correct. I think I have it figured out now. Some nuances (maybe specific to Zooz?) got me. I will update later tonite with what happened.


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Given I'm just starting on this stuff, there were several things that weren't obvious. As mentioned earlier, Scene Control Events has to be enabled for this to work. Its preference box does have a note that says it has to be enabled to get push and multi-tap events, but I didn't notice that initially.

The other thing that was confusing to me is that the ZEN77 dimmer is really like three (or 13) devices... a switch, a dimmer, and 10 buttons. After playing with the dimmer for a while, I somehow realized that the triggering event needed to be button 4 being pushed, because the device logs a double-tap on the bottom paddle as a push on button 4 (triple tap as a push on button 6, etc.).

Setting up the actions was easy enough. There's probably a better way to do this, but it worked for me. Since this is the only dimmer/switch I have, I don't know if all of this is unique to Zooz or not.

One thing I found annoying is that when the debug log is turned on for this dimmer, a job is automatically scheduled to run in 30 minutes to turn the debug log off. Wish there was a way to keep it on, or at least keep it on longer.

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This is done because, more often than not, people won't think to turn it back off (or adjust the amount of time if given the option) and it'll cause headaches as the device fills up the logs. That, compounded by the number of devices added.

There are debug logs, and text logs. The debug logs output a LOT of stuff, and it would just fill the logs with (mostly useless) info. The regular device text logs give enough info to be useful without being overwhelming, and they stay on until you decide you don't need them. I don't think all drivers have this option, but many do.


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