Can't DL update 2.2.4

I'm on, but when I try to update to 2.2.4, either the "checking" message times out, or (in the Diag Tool) I get the "Could not fetch latest version information." error. Also, I cannot log into the Documentation hub, and a password reset request yields no email response. Is something broken on the Hubitat servers?

I think currently the main release is

You are on 2.2.3..130?

It seems a lot of update issues have to do with networking.
Did you put your hub on a static IP? If so, can you change it to DHCP?

Als you might want to check your DNS. Suggestions might be or or

Generally this all should be possible to set up on your network details page of the hub


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Sorry, on Switched hub to DHCP and rebooted, now I can get to the update. Thanks!
I don't recall setting it to static, though I did set my router to serve a reserved IP.


After you update, update your z-wave firmware in settings>>z-wave details. You will see the button at the top of the page