Can't add variable to Rule Machine Legacy conditional

Its been awhile since I added or updated my rules and seem to be stuck adding an if statement conditional into what's now a Rule Machine Legacy rule. I have a lot of variables created in the Rule Machine Legacy and most of my rules set and check them. But going in to add a new rule (and I'm not using the new 5.0 Rule Machine - I have probably a hundred rules all interconnected together with variables which means I can't mix and match them between the old and new Rule Machines) that I see how to do.

When I try to add a conditional rule or simple condition like


I'm not seeing where to select a RM variable anywhere in the list of options. DONOTDISTURB is one of my boolean RM variables.

Am I missing something or did something change in how you do this?

This works for me in Rule 4.1. Do you not have "Variable" in the list of capabilities when you create a new condition?

That's what I'm scratching my head over, I thought I recall you just select Variable or something like that. I don't have anything like that in the drop down list of things you can pick for a conditional in either the if rule then or the Simple conditional .


You have to have variables defined for it to show up, Global Variable for Rule Machine Legacy -- it doesn't work with Hub Variables.

Yea, I know. I've been using this for a year or two now. I have 25 global variables defined in the Rule Machine Legacy and the variable I'm trying to add to an if statement in a new rule is one I've got in a huge number of rules I created a long time ago. Its been months since I modified or added any rules and now that I'm trying to make a new one I can't find where to add the variable anymore.
This screenshot shows the Rule Machine Legacy variable I'm trying to add into a new if statement and that its used in a huge number of older rules.

That rule you are showing is new, so it's a Rule 5.1. If you need a new Rule-4.1, clone an existing one and remove its triggers and actions, etc.

Okay, so adding a new run under RM Legacy doesn't create a legacy rule. Are there any tools to migrate old rules to 5.0? My rules are so intertwined I can't just redo them one at a time in my spare time as really nothing will work unless I redo them all and I have 127 legacy rules and I don't have time to redo all that work one line at a time.

No but if you will do what I said above, you can create a blank Rule-4.1, and then clone it whenever you need a new Rule-4.1. You con't have to migrate, and you can continue to create new ones by cloning that blank rule. Once cloned, it will be like any other new rule.