Can't Add Condition in 2.1.5

I was changing from a rule 3 to a 4 and I was trying to add this condition in actions but there is no button to say I am done with these conditions.

Welp, I can reproduce that. Will dig into why that isn't working. Capability Mode seems to be broken.

@bravenel Thanks for the reply.

Bug found and fixed. We will get this fix into a hot fix release... Sorry for the inconvenience.

@bravenel No problem. Glad you found it.

There is a workaround available: Create a trigger with the modes you want to use in the condition. Hit Done for the Triggers; that will create a condition for those modes. You can use that condition in your Conditional Action. Then you can remove that trigger.

@bravenel That worked. Thanks for the work around until the update comes out.