Can't access C7 with green light

One of my C7’s is not working.

I’ve checked to make sure its on the same network and it shows as online. The light is green. I tried going in on port 8081 no luck. Pulled the power (I know...) and tried multiple times to get in on port 8081 while it was restarting, no luck. I’ve gone to the portal and it doesn’t show up in hub discovery. Automations do not work both zwave and zigbee networks don't seem to work.

Hardware: C7
The s/w version is:

I thought there was a way to access the hub with the mac address but I can't remember what it is...

Any ideas?

Does it have a reserved IP address?

Yes, and when I check it shows online.

can you get into port 8081?


UGH... The router that handles the switch the switch that the hub was on was having problems. powered down the router and it fixed the problem...