Cannot turn plug off with rule

I have maybe the simplest rule ive ever made and for some reason it doesnt work.

The turning on part does work, but the turning the switch off does not.

I tried running the off part as ELSE IF, its own IF and all options that make some level of sense but i dont know why the "turn off" function never happens (you can see in its current state it has detected the condition for my action but the action never happens).

I also tried using the "off" function and also the "toggle" function, both never get fired.

The plug does work as i can manually on the device page turn the plug on and off.

Your second if/then is in the scope if your first If/then. So it power >=0.7 is false nothing else will happen.

Change that second IF to an ELSE-IF and add another END-IF to the end.


You might want to consider some changes. Remember, each time the device reports power >= .7 or <=.6 the rule is triggered. So you will probably be constantly sending a on command to the speakers. Which probably won't matter but will be using a some resources unnecessarily.

More concerning would be the <= .6 This will depend on your device, but if the device reports multiple values below .6 it will toggle the speaker each time.

would it be better to just set the trigger at when value changes for power?

it only ever moves from 0 when off, to 0.5 when it first warms up to 0.9 or 1.0 when warmed up and will stay at 1 until i turn it off.