Cannot set a dimmer level when using a custom color in Basic Rules

I am not sure if this is a bug or the intended action but when I try and set a custom color for a Hue Lightstrip within Basic Rules the option to set the dimmer level goes away but if I use a predefined color the dimmer level is available. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Yes. When you specify a custom color, the brightness is part of that. As of a recent hub update this uses the native color picker from your OS rather than a custom, Hubitat-created color picker or manual hue/saturation/level inputs, so you may have to play around more to get the value you want. If your OS offers HSV or HSV inputs, the B or V correspond to the level on Hubitat. Otherwise, basically,the darker or closer to black you are (e.g., lower RGB values), the less bright it will be.

(I honestly find this more difficult now than I did before, probably because I was used to the HSB/HSV model and the OS I tested on, iPadOS, doesn't seem to offer anything besides pre-built colors or RBG, but I suspect this would be easier on desktop. Also probably better for people who don't know color models. In any case, that's why: no matter what model it's using, the custom color you pick has the level built-in to the values.)


Thank you for the response and explanation. I think I can figure it out now but I don't think that it is very intuitive from a user perspective.

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