Cannot save repeat action

This is all I see while trying to add an action to repeat 2 times - no save button appears.

I've also had some previous issues with getting caught in control selection loops within the rules engine when selecting condition / action items that have no element available to select - there have been a number of selections that don't have a cancel / go-back option and I end up having to redo the whole rule setup again. I just ran the latest update though - I'll be retesting that and posting if I still run into it.

You need to add a time (between repeats) as well.

Ah, I see. Thank you.

On most screens, the continue / save buttons show and are disabled (greyed out) when required information is missing. Making them invisible until all data is entered on some screens is fine, but confusing when it's not consistently used throughout the UI.

It would be really helpful in general if the design input behavior was consistent throughout.