Cannot ReRun Command for specified time in Rule

I was wondering if it would be possible to add this to the RM. If you have a motion detector in a room and it turns on a light and as you leave the room you turn off the light but the motion sensor sees you and turns it back on.
It would be nice to have a command that you could set that doesn't allow the rule to rerun for X seconds, minutes, hours. I have tried using the stop action but it does not seem to do anything. thanks

Is there anyone out there who might know if it is possible to add to RM a command like "Cannot ReRun for X Seconds, Minutes, Hours" for example? thanks
Example would be if you had a light in a bathroom you wanted to dim down to say 15% at night when motion is triggered and then set a command "Cannot Rerun for 60 seconds" then you would have time to get out of the bathroom before the motion trigger was recognized again.

Here's how to do it:

In your rule, you turn on the light, and set its Private Boolean to False. Also set Private Boolean to True after a delay (for however long you want to disable it). In the Restrictions section select Disable with Private Boolean.

That will do the trick for you. So, it runs from motion, turns on the light, then becomes disabled for some period of time.

Great, that will work. Thanks