Cannot remove the C5 from mobile app

When I first download the beta mobile app, I had a C5 hub so the app was set up with the C5.

I purchased a C7 when it first came out and switched over to C7 however I did not do anything in mobile app because I stopped testing it while I had the C5 and discovered the homebridge / Homekit world.

Recently, I received an notification on mobile app that new beta version was installed so I thought I would go check it out and see if any new changes or features on it.

When I opened it, it was giving me some error about hub not found etc then I remember that it was still set up with C5. I tried all sort of way to remove C5 from the app and each time it would produce not found error or something similar.

I could see C7 under hub section but I could not "add it" to the app interface or something like that and I would have to go severals steps into the app to view C7 since it opens trying to load C5.

What steps do I need to take to eliminate any trace of C5 from the app and have it load the C7 as the only hub?

I would start by removing the app and adding it again, then setting it up with the C7.

I could do that but it kind of defeat the purpose of beta testing the mobile app and troubleshooting it.

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Did you unreguster the C5 from your account? Clicking "connect to hub" on the C7 doesnt work?

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