Cannot load Hub WebUI from mobile device


Last night, I upgraded firmware on my HE and I can longer access the WebUI from my phone; the IP address of the HE has changed, however I cannot figure out how to update things on the mobile device to now access the UI from the new IP address. I've been attempting to find a way to get the HE to regain the older IP address, however it appears that another device on my network has grabbed it.

Is there any way to clear the cache, or wherever that older IP address is stored so that I can get to the WebUI from my phone? Things appear to work everywhere else, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to alter things so it doesn't try to go to the older IP address when loading the WebUI.

Thank you

Try going to Tools|Local Hub Discovery and selecting the hub when it appears...

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First you should setup a DHCP reservation on your router for the hub so the IP won't change again. Where is it not working, in the mobile app? It sounds like you found the new IP that should make everything accessible locally, the mobile app gets it's info from which can take a bit to update, maybe a clean reboot from the settings menu would help that along?

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