Cannot Link Group to Google Home

Since upgrading to 2.30 I am unable to get new Groups to link with Google Home. Existing Groups all work, but not newly created groups. I can add them in HE to the Google Home, but after a minute or so they are removed from Google home. If I go into Google Home on my phone and reauthorize Hubitat I can see the group and can authorize it, but it still does not show up on my Google Home app list of devices.

I have rebooted Hubitat, have removed the Google Home app from HE and reauthorized it. Still cannot a new group.

I updated my Hubitat last night and now my google home says it cannot see the devices when you ask it to turn something on. All devices appear in the linked items though which is weird.

I have a similar issue. For me it's not just groups, but individual devices as well.

I add them to the Google Home app (in the Hubitat) and they only stay a short time before disappearing.

I have re-authorized Hubitat-Google Home without resolution. I have removed and re-installed the Hubitat Google App also without resolution.

Any old devices that were added before the update continue to work correctly.

Hi. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I am starting to have this problem with a group I've created. Did you get any resolution?

Speaking for myself, yes, mostly resolved. I can't comment on group issues as those weren't my particular problem. But I did get my devices to stop disappearing from Google Home.

In my case the problem was related to (and still is, under the current release) the drivers I was using for the devices. I have 30 Sengled Zigbee bulbs. The problem with Google Home arises when I use the driver that Hubitat selects for them (with 'Sengled' in the name) during initial setup. If I switch the driver to the generic 'advanced Zigbee RGBW bulb' driver, the devices will attach to and remain connected to Google Home indefinitely. This is still repeatable to this day. Whatever I was able to identify as differences in the driver features didn't matter at the time so I left well enough alone and didn't revisit the issue until recently helping somebody locally setup a new C7 in December 2022 and had the same issue and applied the same 'fix' with success.

Best of luck in your pursuit of a solution.

Ok, I am having the same. I have a switch that controls a table lamp, and a bulb in a standard lamp. Both work in google individually, and in a group called living room lights with other switches.

however, when I put the 2 together as alcove lights, the group keeps vanishing from google Home.

any suggestions as where I should look? Any events/errors that might trigger this behaviour please?

OK solved it for anyone else who has this. I set Group activation device: to bulb instead of switch