Cannot get rule to fire

i have 4 rules for people coming and going base off Life 360 presents


that last rule never fires it always runs the "back with people home rule", that last rules is different in that it controls the alarm if the house is empty and runs more stuff like lights

but it NEVER fires the last rule any help ?

I THINK what is happening the trigger of away to (day night etc mode ) is changing FIRST and the rule is skipped but i dont know how to fix or make both rules work?

Would really need to see the rules to offer any suggestions.



The Someone Returns rule would never do anything. The trigger is someone arrives, but the first condition is that no one is present. If someone just arrived, then someone is present.

I assume what you want is if someone arrives and the the mode was Away then do the stuff in your rule. How you accomplish that is up to you.

In my presence rule I use a variable that stores the last mode. So I can see if mode switched from away to home or night to home. I do different things based on what mode the hub was previously in.

Yes if house is empty it will do other stuff. I know it don't look like much but I stopped adding things

This is one of the few broken things from my smart thing migration I have left lol :rofl:

So there is not a simple way to this for a none program dummy? You lost me with variables

Have you tried using one of the various community based presence apps? You could then use the output of that app in a rule.

I like Combined Presence, but there are other similar apps with varying functionality. With Combined Presence, you get virtual devices that are able to be used directly in a rule. Not sure the others are like this, but you might want to try a couple of them to see what works best for you.

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It depends on your setup, but you could just remove the part of the condition that ask if anyone is present. You know someone arrived because of the trigger and you know you are currently in Away mode. So no one must have been there.

It depends on how you change the modes as it would need to change after the rule runs.

mode change is handled buy the built in thing should i turn that off?

I assume you are talking of Mode Manager. You probably need that for other rules I would imagine.

I believe mode manger can also turn on and off switches when it changes modes. So maybe setup a virtual switch that turns on and off with Away mode and use that as a trigger.

There are many things to consider when setting up your modes.
Without knowing you whole setup it is hard t give a recommendation.

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thank you for the help im trying to change a virtual switch of the HSM and modemanager - i wish i could just have mode manager do this itself lol maybe i overlooked it?

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