Cannot get any variables to appear in Dashboard creation Variable Field dropdown

I'll preface this with I don't really know what I am doing in Hubitat, but working diligently on attempting to learn. Through that, I gather I need access to variables in the dashboard to do certain things.

So...from black bar on left, I click App,
The resulting screen lists all the Apps I have installed, and I 2x click on Hubitat Dashboard (the "parent" entry, that is a blue hyperlink)
In resulting screen, single click on create a new Dashboard
In resulting screen,

  • Name the dashboard "Test Dashboard"
  • Single click on choose devices and toggle all of them on (just for this example, in an effort to ensure I am selecting devices with variables, in case some of them don't have that - I have no idea)
  • Click gray "Update" button
    Next option is to Choose Variables, with a dropdown below that option title, and inside the dropdown is the entry "Click to Set"
    THE ISSUE: I cannot get anything to populate the dropdown, either by clicking the words "Click to set" or by clicking the down carrot to the right. Absolutely nothing .

What am I doing wrong?

Sounds like you haven't created any Hub Variables (in Settings/Hub Variables) yet. If you haven't, I wouldn't worry about them for now.

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