Cannot enter APPS or DEVICES

Hi Everyone,

wanted to add a device to my dashboard so wanted to add the device to dashboard in the apps section.

Get an error message : There was a problem connecting to

then realized the same issue when trying to pull up devices:
There is a problem connection to

Everything seems to be working, all rules devices are functional as is the dashboard.

Restarted my router, No change!

Did a soft reset and restored the last two backups…. no change!

Any ideas?

Is it possible your hub's IP address changed and you're trying to use the old one? Go to to see what you find there. Of course, if you got to the Diagnostic Tool or the local rather than cloud Dashboard, that would suggest you're using the correct IP, but perhaps you're using a different method of access for those...

just trying to help - did you try another browser? I recall a cache problem a while back with similar symptoms

You’re using a beta release of iOS. There are known Webkit issues in 16.4 public beta 1. I suggest reverting to a non-beta release of iOS.


May want to empty the browser cache or try a different browser.

I suspect this is a safari on iPhone issue. Use a pc and see if it works then

As stated above, its a known issue with iOS beta 16.4
Not sure if its an apple bug or some change in the HTML spec Hubitat needs to comply with yet. I would guess it is a bug in the Apple iOS, usually html changes do not break entire pages.