Cannot discover Konnected devices via Ethernet

Hello - I am using Konnected hardware to connect to Hubitat. Using Hubitat discovery to find my two Konnected boards works fine when Hubitat is configured to use Wi-Fi. HOWEVER, if I use the recommended Ethernet method to connect Hubitat to my router, I am unable to discover my Konnected hardware. It seems that there is a disconnect between Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Is your Ethernet network using a different subnet than your wifi?

Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I am not sure. I have a Netgear C7000v2. I have only used it for wireless connections. Never plugged anything into any of the ethernet ports. I would think that the default config. would allow wired and wireless to talk seamlessly.

I will take a look and see what I can find out. I'll post my findings and results.


If you're using the "Guest" WiFi to connect your WiFi devices, they will not be able to communicate with devices connected to your hardwired Ethernet ports.

Look in your router for any type of "Network Isolation" settings that may be enabled. This type of feature might explain the behavior you've observed.

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Thanks for the reply, Dan. I have never used the Guest network mode on my Netgear Gateway C7000 wi-fi router. I am, however, using two wi-fi settings, one for 2.4G and one for 5G, but I do not see how that would impede traffic between Ethernet and wi-fi.

Screenshot attached.

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It looks correct. To confirm I would check the ip on the hub and the konnected to make sure. Use DHCP reservations on both instead of a static IP. I don't know this particular router but make sure mDNS isn't being blocked anywhere

What I am seeing in the Hubitat logs is "“Discovering Konnected devices on the network via SSDP”

Does that help to isolate the problem at all?

SSDP is a discovery protocol. Dumb question, can you reach the konnected interface by a web browser?

Good morning - yes the web interface works perfectly fine. I can also access my two Konnected boards via the Konnected app. The only thing that is not working is the Discovery process. I would like to use Ethernet for Hubitat as that is the recommended connection method.


at this point im stumped. Maybe someone else using konnected can jump in

The only thing I see in the logs are entries for:
“Discovering Konnected devices on the network via SSDP”,
But no discover ever occurs.

and you ping the konnected board from hubitat?

Yes, that works just fine. Also wanted to mention that I have a (VERY) basic home network using a Netgear Wi-Fi router. No firewalls, VPNs, etc. It is very basic so I really don't understand why this is not working - very frustrating as you can imagine :frowning:

Any and all other ideas or suggestions welcome!


Do you have the drivers installed in HE for the devices that are on the Konnected board?

I was very careful to follow the setup instructions exactly as written. I even went through the process of doing a FULL RESET of my Hubiat and starting over from scratch. Same results. I can discover my two connected boards when using Hubitat configured for Wi-Fi, but not when using Hubitat for Ethernet*. I am pursuing Ethernet because it is the preferred method for Hubitat connectivity as documented on their site.*

Any other clues?



Is there not a way to manually configure a Konnected device on the HE hub? Back in the early days of Konnected, I know there was. Perhaps @nate from Konnected could chime in with some additional troubleshooting steps?

Good idea, but I do not believe that is possible. I have posted this question on the Konnected site as well. I will update this thread with any useful information I may gather there. Thank you.


Here is what mine looks like in the system can you get to the similar pages?

This is under the konnected app and as mentioned if the driver sources are in your system after you submit the last page here the devices are added automatically there is no device discovery process.



Hi Larry, I have no trouble getting the Konnected boards to appear when using Wi-Fi, the problem is when I use Ethernet. Do you think it is ok just to continue on Wi-Fi and forget Ethernet?
Below is what I see after discovering my 2 Konnected boards on Wi-Fi.

if you use ethernet and get the boards and devices working.. then switch to wifi (assuming it is on the same subnet) do the devices continue to work.. if so that would be a work around.

i am not seeing the problem above it looks fine.. the 2 boards seem to be discovered. now just click on the board and configure it to get the devices added. as i shown above.