Cannot Add Dashboard - Pin Protected

Another potential Wink defector here!

I'm just setting up my Hubitat tonight and so far I just moved over one of my Leviton Z-Wave switches, which was no problem. I then wanted to see what these Dashboards look like. But every time I go to Add a New Dashboard and type in a name, it immediately tells me the Dashboard is PIN Protected. It's a brand new dashboard so I'm not sure why it says that. I figured I'm missing something obvious? If I submit w/o a pin, I get a blank dashboard with no devices and I cannot add any.

I've tried the mobile app and various web browsers. What am I missing here? Thanks.


I also get this when I try and select Create Dashboard from the Dashboard App:

Error 404

Child app not found for namespace: hubitat and name: Dashboard

The Page requested could not be found

If you are seeing this screen repeatedly, please contact Support. For assistance, email or go to

Apparently this happens once in a while.

I think you need to go to the Apps tab, remove the Dashboard app, restart the hub from the Settings tab, then go back and re-add the Dashboard app.

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The reboot was the part I missed. I kept removing and re-adding but wasn't rebooting. It seems to work now. The mobile app is being a bit flaky still for me though. Thanks.


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