Canceling contact sensor alert

Hello fellow Hubitat fans!

I am using Hubitat Safety Monitor to notify me if any of my door contact sensors are open more than a period of time. I receive the alert, no problem. But when the door closes, the alert is not canceled. Of course, I can manually start the app or web page and cancel the alert, but I'm looking for an automatic way to make this happen. Not sure what the best way is to accomplish this. Any suggestions?

I would do this.

Hubitat Safety Monitor has some options for cancelling alerts, switches or button pushes:

There are other options as well, including "manually" cancelling the alert from inside the HSM app itself or creating an HSM tile on Dashboard and using the "cancel" option there.

Closing the contact sensor itself isn't one; the intent, presumably, is that if you're using it to monitor for intrusion, you don't want it to be cancelled just because the intruder closed the door. If you just want a notification when things happen but don't need the "alert" status that HSM provides, maybe the Notifications app or something custom would be a better use of this sensor? (You can also make HSM behave this way by supplementing it with a rule, but that might not be what you really want. EDIT: but if you do, someone posted one above while I was typing!) If you state any other requirements you have, perhaps someone can chime in with more ideas.

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That would be me. And by the way, I wouldn't do this for the reasons you mentioned.

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Thanks for the replies...

I guess this is my goal...

I want to be notified if someone leaves the door open, and have it cancel automatically when the sensor is closed and HSM is not in Away mode.

If HSM is in Away mode, then don't cancel the alert, as has been mentioned, if there is an intruder, you don't want the alert canceled when the intruder closes the door.

Then you are probably looking at a Rule Machine rule. You have already described the logic, so it should be pretty straight forward to create. Let us know if you need help or hints.

@jameslslate Are you thinking forget HSM all together and use only Rule Machine or a combination? Let HSM send the alert and use Rule Machine to do the rest?

I meant write a rule similar to the Basic Rule I showed and use Rule Machine instead.

I'll show you what I mean.

Thanks for the inspiration! I think I have a solution that works for me.

I will let HSM send me the alert and then my Rule Machine rule will be essentially what you screenshot except the Required Expression will be a NOT.

I've mentioned this before...and this thread is cause to mention it again.

While HE with HSM is not a UL Certified Alarm system it is indeed being used in a manner that would be well served by having some " conditional, timed, self healing " without having to go to RM to get it. It's standard practice in the Security System industry and required to be implemented in certain municipalities.

For example in descriptive terms;

the sensor that triggered this alarm condition is no longer in that state, after X minutes, turn off the reactions to this (ie. sirens, lights, etc.) and reset HSM


the sensor that triggered this alarm condition is STILL in that state (possibly faulty, battery on last leg, or the cat is atop the curtain rod playing with it); after X minutes assume all the neighbors are now standing outside your home seeing no problem and wondering how to turn off the friggin siren & flashing lights because you aren't home, so turn it off and reset HSM.

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