Cancelable Dim Up over Time?

I have the below rule and there are two things that I need to add to it.
1) I need to enable the dim up over time but from the set dim level. The action that is currently
disable takes the dimmers down to zero and then starts going up.
2) Once I have that dim up over time working I need it to be cancelable so that if I need the lights
up before the rule finish I can turn them on.


One option would be to do the following:

You could have it in a single rule like the screenshot, or have one rule per dimmer which would be quicker to build as you could just create it once and clone it for the others.

You would need to adjust the while’s repeat interval to one that works for you. I had it to 2 seconds to test it.

I would also recommend that you remove the if condition that you currently have and add the equivalent in “Use Required Expression”. It would make your rule easier to read since you will be making it more complexe.

Finally, if you want to be able to adjust the dimmer manually while it is going up, you could move the “Set dimLevel to …” to after the “While…”.

Let me know if you have questions!

I think that all makes sense but seems like it should be easier than that.

@bravenel, should the fade up over time command set the dimmer to zero and fade up from there or start fading from the dimmers current dim level? If it is working as intended can we get an option to fade up/down from the current dim level?

It starts at the current level for the device.

This dimmer was at 40:

My rule sets the dimmer to 30% and then is supposed to Fade up to 99% over 20 minutes.

But the logs show it being set to 30% and then almost immediately set 1% and then starts fading up.

Am I using the rules wrong?

I added a Stop Repeating actions to the start of the rule. I found that if I activated the rule a second time before it finished its sequence that it counted down faster without it. Your rule worked perfectly for a dimming nightlight that is reset with a button to help a little one get to sleep.

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