Cancel timed action "this rule" option missing

I seem to remember there being an option to select “this rule" when creating a cancel rule timers action. I no longer see that option as of update

It was there with the last release because I created a rule in 5.0 using that option.

Can anyone confirm?

This was reported in another thread, and I'm seeing it to when I test (on, though I'm not sure if it started sometime or hasn't been there since the first 2.2.8). Here's the other thread:

Tagging @bravenel for awareness again.

In the meantime, if you're using "This Rule" and are only trying to cancel a delay, there is an easy workaround (I often see people sort of over-using it for this purpose, but you might be more familiar with RM than that :slight_smile: ).

Yeah, that got dropped inadvertently. Will fix it.

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I needed Cancel Rule Timers to stop a fade. As a work around until it gets fixed, I created a second rule that has no trigger and does nothing but Cancel Rule Timers in the first rule. Then I run that "cancel" rule in the first rule. Hokey but it works. When the cancel rule timers is fixed, I'll only need to replace that one line in the first rule.

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