Cancel delayed actions

Need some assistance with this "cancel delayed actions" thing. I just can't quite get it right. Here's what I am trying to do.

 When one of my Schlage Locks is unlocked, I want it to "capture" the settings of a torch lamp. then ( I think) I want to set a 10 minute delay cancelable, so that if the lock is Locked again nothing else occurs.
 If the 10 minutes passes without the locking, it will send a notification via Pushover AND set the color of the torch to Yellow @ 50%.
 I thought I had it but for some reason it is not cancelling if locked within the 10 minutes. I figure it has to do with it not seeing the lock locked but can't figure how to make that happen.


NOTE: In the posted example I changed the delay to 3 minute for testing.

The reason the locking won't take effect is because the trigger event is unlocking the lock, so you will never enter the rule on a locking event.

As to how best to construct the rule I'd have to think about it some more and I've probably used up my brainpower for the day.. . Let me think on it or hopefully someone else will provide an answer...

Actually, if there is a "changed" option for the trigger that should do it...


Yeah, I kind of thought that was the problem but not sure what the "trigger" choice could be. THANKS!

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If changed is an option I suspect the rest of the rule could remain the same

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editing - again

back door lock changed

back door unlocked
capture torch L
notify lock open - delayed 3 minutes cancelable
set torch color - delay 3 minutes - cancelable
lock lock - delay xx minutes - cancelable
else if
lock is locked
cancel delayed actions


I thought it would only evaluate the if condituon on the way in... ? I could be wrong... That was why I suggested changing the trigger.

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Ope (Iowa term) - you're right. Would need the trigger to be "changed". I will edit
Then it will evaluate locked or unlocked.


Tested out with "changed" trigger works perfectly for locked and unlocked. Thanks so much, now off to fix rules!


No worries, glad we could help

I just wanted to Post this in the KISS Format for those interested.

Trigger : Backdoor Unlocked 

Capture Torch
Notify Backdoor Unlocked - delay 3 minutes cancelable
Set Torch color - delay 3 minutes - cancelable
Lock Backdoor - delay xx minutes - cancelable
Wait for event Back Door Locked
Cancel Delayed Actions
Restore Torch 

I knew there was another approach to this, nice work.

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Come to think of it, doesn't one of the lighting apps have options like these? Or is that motion lighting, which wouldn't suit this situation? (I don't do my lighting rules in HE)

Simple Automation (formerly Simple Lighting) doesn't have wait for condition and Motion Lighting can only trigger on Motion or Contacts. RM is the best approach for an automation like this.

I do all of my automatons in Hubitat and have gotten pretty good at use the least resource demanding tool for the job.

The only app I don't use that I should is Notification Manager. But I truthful only have 4 notifications(Washer Dryer and two Doorbells).

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Tried your method and found it a bit more useful in that I can copy (clone) rules and edit them for different doors. With the other method there's not near as easy to edit. Thanks!