Cancel Delayed Actions

I want to turn off my kitchen lights 6 minutes after all of a group of motion sensors are inactive. I think I need a Cancel Delayed Actions, but I can’t figure out where it goes.

Here’s what I have, but I don’t think it’s right:

Sorry, this is not an answer to your question but have you checked out Motion Lighting to achieve what you’ve described ??

Your current rule won't turn the lights off if the motion sensors stay active for longer than 6 minutes.

You could do it in RM but would be needlessly more complicated than it needs to be and as @njanda said you'd be better off using motion lighting.

I see how the motion lighting app is used to turn lights on, then off.

But I don’t see how to use the motion lighting app to only turn lights off.

The rule above looks good to me (following the new paradigm suggested in the last Hubitat Live episode), but while Motion Lighting might not work, I'm not sure you need to resort to RM if you don't want to. Simple Automation Rules (formerly Simple Lighting if you're on 2.1.9 or earlier) looks like it could do this, too:

(Confession: I have not tested this, but it looks like it should work and I'd consider it a bug if it doesn't.)