Cancel delayed actions doesn't work in Rule Machine 5.1


Similar rule worked in RM4.0 properly. I created new rule as below in RM5.1 and it doesn't work.

What I want to achieve is to get a notification when my garden door is open more than 2 minutes (then propably somebody forgot to close it). But I want to cancel notification if garden door is closed within 2 minutes.

Similar rule worked great with my garage door in RM4.0. The only difference there was a time - 5 minutes instead of 2.

What's wrong?

Edit your Delay and you should see a slider to make in cancelable. Without that selected the Cancel Delayed Actions won't work.

And add an END-IF to your IF-THEN action


Or you can use a Wait for Event Elapsed time. With a wait you don't have to add the cancelable option as waits are automatically canceled when a rule is triggered.

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Ok, how about this for as simple as you can get this rule to be

Trigger Events:
Furka do ogrodu contact open and stays that way for: 0:02:00

Actions to Run:
Notify Seba, Paulina and Speak on ......

Very clean solution.

Thank all of you very much for your quick help!