Cancel Delayed Action for "Action" RM App Not Canceling

In an Action app in RM, I have 3 actions:

  1. Stop actions: This rule
  2. Set rule PB false for rule A with a delay of 1 second.
  3. Set rule PB true for rule A with a delay of 60 seconds.


When I execute the rule (time=0) and then execute it again after 20 seconds (time = +20), I see two scheduled jobs in the device's settings page and in the logs I can see the PB being set true twice. Once at time +60 and another at time +80.

I thought that the first action of Stop All pending actions for this rule would stop the scheduled job for the rule and only get the PB to be set true at 80 seconds, not at 60?

Also, stopping the pending actions from something else, like button controller, also doesn't work. So, it seems that once an action is scheduled for delayed action through an Action there is no canceling it ever? That doesn't seem quite right. There are several times, given the nature of RM that you have to use an action to get the delayed action that you want to happen when you want it to happen. I understand why you can't have a cancel on truth change for a triggered rule or a trigger but it seems that any action should be allowed to be canceled from another rule.

I'm able to get many, many copies of the same action.

No commend on this @bravenel? Is Stop Actions supposed to work for a RM "Action" or no?

I will take a look at this and see what might be going on.

Any update on this one @bravenel? Thanks.

EDIT: Also, it doesn't seem to work for dimmer fades executed by Triggers either. Just tried that also and it doesn't seem to be working.

Tagging @bravenel again since there's not been an update on this yet.

Inadvertent omission from what Stop does. Fixed in next release.

Yay! Thanks @bravenel!