Can z-wave associations do on/off from a single button (Zooz Zen32)?

Can I use direct associations on Zen32 for on/off control from a single button? I know the device does not keep a state but can I do it with multiple clicks? I.e. single click on button4 of zen32 would turn wall switch on and double-click on same button4 would turn the same switch off?

I have rules set up to toggle the state on a single press but for some reason it works just a few times and then my whole z-wave network (from hub at least, I didn't have a chance to check directly associated devices) decides to go to deep sleep for a few minutes. So while I am fighting such mysterious slowdowns on my z-wave network I am also trying to keep my daughter happy even if it means double presses to turn the light off and not a toggle single press.

EDIT: Sorry I re-read and no I do not think that device supports associations for multi-taps. The associations sends a "BasicSet" but I am not totally sure if it toggles between on and off or if it always send ON.

From a hub rule or button controller you can do it though, you just have to figure out the correct button mapping to use for the 2x press (which might depend on the driver you are using). Also, the simple toggle should work fine as well without causing issues. Maybe something in your rule is causing some sort of a loop or stuck state and tons of zwave commands are getting fired out which could cause the results you described.

My rules are very basic, trigger condition is button pushed (on Zen32) and action is toggle applied on wall light switch (Jasco dimmer) or plugin device (aeon smart switch 7). I don't set LEDs on the Zen32 or anything like that, lights/fan are in the same room so no extra visual feedback is needed via LEDs. There's no rule from wall switch back to Zen32s. I just don't see where a loop could happen. And that is why I'd like to employ direct associations. I also disabled all watt/voltage reporting on aeons as well to make them less chatty.

If not multi-clicks, can I associate button1 with remote switch on and button2 with (same) remote switch off? Using z-wave associations of course.

I apologize if this is a basic knowledge, I am a long term insteon user and just recently converted to z-wave.

Yes, I think you can. I do believe I did that with my Zen34 In my limited experience, you can't get "fancy" with associations. There's a certain button push sequence, like 5 quick presses or something, to get the thing to wake up and accept your changes right away.

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