Can you share Variables between Meshed HE Hubs

Is there a way to share Variables between HE Hubs?

I have certain states like Vacation and Guest, Summer etc

These have an impact on heating and the state of devices.

ie If Guest=TRUE then the two guest bedrooms and 2 guest bathrooms get warmed up if Summer=True, and the power sockets for Guest TVs, Echos get turned on, the automated lighting in the Guest Bedrooms is disabled etc etc

Not Really Modes as I could have Modes that are competitive - If can be Summer and Guests could be here AND we could all be out of the house AWAY.

If anyone else has dealt with this I would appreciate any insights :slight_smile:

I do it by making states (VACATION, HOLIDAY, etc.) virtual switches. Easy to Hub Mesh those.

I just tried RM Connectors, and those work with Hub Mesh as well.



I found RM Connectors!!!!!!!!!

It is in the Rule Create screen, then in the Global Variables.

Great many thanks!!!

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