Can you set two locations for presence sensors? (Home and Work)

I use the combined presence sensor at my home (Hubitat app, Life 360, and WIFI). This works well.

Is it possible to setup a second geofence? I'd like to setup automations at my office also that turn on and off with presence like my home.

Not exactly sure what you mean. But the Hubitat app supports a single geofence. However, if you use something else - like OwnTracks, you can set up as many locations with corresponding presence sensors as you need.

Great. Is there a user app for OwnTracks?

I had a similar use case and played with the different options. Assuming you have an iOS device, I'd recommend:

  1. The Geofency App
  2. Hubitat driver to integrate with the app: [RELEASE] Geofency Presence

Pretty happy with it, I've been using it since I switched to Hubitat in December. I took a look at OwnTracks and I didn't personally care for the UI v.s. Geofency.

If you are using an iPhone I find Geofency to be an easier option to set up and use efficiently. There's also a Mac app.

Check out Locative... you can have as many as you want by using Maker API with it. Use it with different Hubs (I think this is what you want), it's very stable and never missed a beat since I installed it.

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@nclark is right on. Locative supports many locations and has been 100% solid for me since moving to it about 6 weeks ago. Which is kind of a big deal.

I've been testing out a concept where I placed zones on the different routes when me or wife are coming home from work, when we pass through a zone it triggers API calls to the hub and if they are in a certain order, the hub will know that we are heading home and precondition the house (heating and cooling), so that it's all comfy when we arrive. It has been pretty reliable but had to bump up zone sizes for it to work reliably when traveling at 100km/h (~60mph) or more.


FWIW, I have a very similar setup - using concentric circles to indicate whether I am coming home or not. I do it with OwnTracks.

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That is not a bad idea, I'll have to test this out, but this would probably be a lot easier. Now if I could get this to work when we are at our friends place 3 houses away instead of having to think of switching the virtual "coming home" switch on the dashboard.

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