Can you run / program a Hubitat Hub, when not in that home

Quick question. I have been asked to program a few different homes with the Hubitat system. I am Leary of doing this, as I do not know if you can fix an issue, or program more into them, while not being actually at their home. 2nd question. if this is possible, can you add me as the administrator, even though the hubs would be at different homes?
Thank you

The trick to remote administration of the hub is having the capability to VPN into the LAN that the hub is on. Once you do that it's just like being there.


i maintain a home that is empty.. but you cannot really set up a system because you cannot join or exclude devices if you are not there.

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I do not understand why the VPN. Is this something we should be doing anytime we are even using our home system remotely?

Would port forwarding work.....

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Yes, as others mentioned you can use methods to access the hub. Teamviewer is another commonly cited option.

That is just one way to have local access. You are essentially "spoofing" your location by using these various methods. In other words, you appear on the local network.

I guess maybe some people do, but if you are just using dashboards, then I would say no, unless you are paranoid about security.

By "you" if you mean can someone add anyone else as a user or admin, then yes. I could add you if I wanted to. But by "you" meaning Hubitat, then I don't think they have this ability. I have never seen this discussed anyway.

The VPN provides a secure entry point into the LAN (something I always recommend for remote access to any site), other ways of getting in, including using something like TeamViewer to connect to a host system already on the LAN, nut most are not as secure.

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Thank you for the help. Appreciated.

I've used Google desktop in the past