Can you run a VPN server on hubitat

bobby in support sent me here to find details on this question.
it is my understanding that you can run a VPN server on hubitat device to get remote link to hubitat and other devices on my local LAN from remote location.
can someone please send me a link to the tutorial to run vpn server on hubitat.

You can access Hubitat remotely using a VPN but the VPN doesn't run on Hubitat. I used PIVPN to install Wireguard VPN on a Raspberry Pi and it was quick and painless.

If all you want to do is turn lights off or on and use dashboards remotely, you can do that natively. You don't need a VPN. If you want to do administrative things remotely, you will need a VPN.


i was told that running a VPN SERVER on hubitat was possible so i can link to hubitat settings as well as other devices in the LAN once connected - not referring here to VPN client or service - please advise. thanks

There may have been a misunderstanding, as that’s never been possible with Hubitat and unlikely to be what you were told.


Nope. Definitely cannot run VPN server on Hubitat. Have to run it on another device in your local network. Then you open the VPN tunnel from a remote location and your Hubitat will be accessible.


here is the quote from Bobby Dobrescu at hubitat:
"You can access the administrative interface using VPN, like you'd normally do with your router. We offer Remote Admin service for convenience to those who don't want to deal with setting up a VPN service."
to me i read that as saying you can setup a VPN service on hubitat - that is what i am asking about - please clarify - thanks.

This means you'd need to set up a VPN on your router, and then you can access your hub when you log into your VPN remotely.

This means you can subscribe to the HE Remote Admin service to connect remotely to your hub w/out having a VPN on your network.

Neither is saying you could run a VPN on Hubitat. That help?


This router can run tailscale to do what you want, Adguard, plus it can run a VPN for privacy so that your ISP never knows what your doing. This is a powerhouse router. This will all be at the router level and will cover all those devices. Gl.Inet is rather unique in this space.

Top top it all off it's currently on pre-order for 109 instead of 159.

Sorry forgot the link

yes, i did not read it that way because he did not write that - he clearly said "like you would do with your router" so he is referring to something you would do that is NOT on your router - but rather on hubitat.

i have a glinet device as a travel router and it is great - but i would not pay much more than $20 that i paid for it on aliexpress. so you are saying the tailscale runs on my normal router or only on the glinet pocket router? thanks

The message seemed perfectly clear to me, but that's what makes horse races. The imporant thing is that you are on the right track again to get things set up to meet your needs. Good luck. :slight_smile:


I assume you have a mango router, I don't think that has the power to run tailscale. These two routers are vastly difference in power. Honestly it only makes sense if you your ready for a router upgrade.

Do you have an always on computer? You could install tailscale on that and run it from there. It's fairly simple but I suggest you check out a YouTube video or two or read some articles. Pay particular attention to the terms subnets, and exit nodes as those are ways to access devices that are not capable of running tailscale.

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I believe that message you quoted means that you can either setup a VPN on your own, or Hubitat offers a subscription service that functions essentially the same way a VPN would to enable remote connections to the hub’s admin interface.

In neither case is a VPN server actually running on the hub, though.


I just want to throw this out there. You do not need a subscription to control habitat when your away from home. The subscription is for running admin functions. Like creating routines and such. I only paid the sub because I have a lot of free time at work and it gives me something to do.

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thanks, admin functions are the only functions i am aware of in hubitat. are there other things you can do besides setup and adjust apps running on hubitat? that's what i bought it for because smartthings stopped supporting apps.

sorry don't know what a mango router is. i have two routers, one from the ISP and one for mesh network inside. i installed tailscale - it seems to be working but how can i tell? i changed the VPN location on the server box and the ip address and location info for the client did not change - how can you see if it is working or not? if it is working - thanks in advance - i do have 2 always on computers here that can be used for this.

tried tailscale with hubitat app - on a different wifi in my house it cannot find hubitat hub when connected - just spins - any ideas? it says i am connected to VPN and i have tailscale ip address. thanks!

Did you setup a subnet or an exit node?

Your dashboard in which you control your devices does not require the subscription.

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exit node - just found out how to turn it on - can't figure out if it works or not - they don't say how to verify connection is going thru a remote device. tested hubitat app - kept spinning - could not connect to hub using browser and standard hub ip address. thanks for any help.