Can you reconnect a Zigbee dropped connection?

I have 3 Xiaomi vibration systems connected to my hubitat. I used the 3rd party drivers enabled by veeceeoh (thank you!).

One of the sensors works fine. But the other two seem to have lost their connection to the hubtitat. They worked fine for a few weeks and then stopped updating. They are relatively new and I'm fairly certain the batteries are ok. The one that's still connected is physically closer to the hub so wondering if the other two were marginally in range and then dropped?

The non-functional sensors still show on my devices update, but no events have been recorded for a few weeks. I tried going into the edit menu, changing something minor, and then saving it but that doesn't seem to reconnect.

I could delete the devices and reconnect but I have rules associated with them. Is there a way to reconnect the devices and/or pair them without having to recreate the rules that use them as well?

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BTW this is the driver revision I'm using:

  • Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor - model DJT11LM
  • Device Driver for Hubitat Elevation hub
  • Version 0.8b

With the Xiaomi devices you can reset them.
Then go into discover devices and do the pairing process.
The hub will find them and re-allocate them their existing I'd etc.
You do not have to delete them.

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I always do like @bobbles and it works every time

PERFECT! I had no idea. That was easy -- thank you!