Can you mesh hubs at different locations?

I have two hubs at home that are meshed and one at my office (different location from the other two hubs). Is there a way to mesh these together?

My goal is to get notifications via the Hubitat App on me iPhone for home and office hubs. Currently, I have only figured out how to make either the home hub(s) work or the office hub. When I logged out of the home hub on the Hubitat App and then logged in under the Office Hub on the Hubitat App, it allowed me to setup the iPhone as a Mobile Device on the Office Hub. But then this deactivated my iPhone Mobile Device on the Home hub. Any way to get these to both work?

Hubitat's hub mesh solution requires both hubs be on the same subnet. Doing that at two different locations requires a fairly advanced knowledge of networking and I'd not recommend trying.

There may be some alternatives to hub mesh that do what you want, though.

But if all you care about is notifications why not use something like Twilio or pushover?


Another approach would be to use the Pushover system and send to as many users as you want.

They do charge, but I believe that it's only $5 per platform, so it's very reasonable.

There is a built in driver for Pushover, and it seems to work very well in practise.

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Thank you. I'll give Pushover a try.

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Does Pushover have to be running on the iPhone for this to work?

Yes. Twilio, on the other hand, uses SMS.


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