Can you feed devices from 2 Hubitat Hubs to 1 WebCore Instance

Hi, can someone tell me whether, if you have more than 1 Hubitat hub you can feed devices through to the same WebCore instance.

Thinking about getting a 2nd Hubitat hub but want to be able to combine the devices from 2 hubs into my 1 webcore.


You can mirror devices from one hub to another using HubConnect

Ok yep that true and I guess thats fine but do you know if its possible to just directly link 2 Hubitat hubs to Webcore?


I am not a webCoRE expert... you would not be able to use devices from different hubs as triggers for pistons without using something like HubConnect. webCoRE Pistons run 100% locally on a Hubitat hub.

Hubitat does have a built-in Maker API app, which implements a RESTful API. So, I am guessing a Piston could make a MakerAPI call to a different hub to interact with a device.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I do this. I control devices from all three of my hubs from one instance of webcore. That is two HE hubs and a ST hub.

How do you do it? Do you use HubConnect? Or some other method?

Yes Hubconnect

I was using HubConnect with webCoRE with no issues.
I installed on HUB_2 which had LAN and other devices, all Z-wave and Zigbee on Hub_1, and those devices shared to Hub_2.

Worked very well, the only reason I'm no longer using it, is I found Node Red.
With Node Red you can pass devices from both hubs to Node Red via Maker API.

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