Can You Automate Turning Off A Chromecast Device?

My expectation is no, but thought I'd check. I typically tell my nest hub to turn off the chromecast after I finish watching something, but thought it would be nice to automate it if I could. I can (and probably will) look at using my Harmony to achieve the same outcome, but that may not be available for all, so would be nice if we could initiate the command. That said, am wondering whether there may be options in Google routines nowadays.... been a while since I set one up...

Probably only by a smart plug. I don't think they mind just being powered off suddenly - not if my Nest Hubs are anything to go by.

I expect I would no longer be able to cast to it, if I cut the power to the chromecast? Plus mine are currently just plugged into the HDMI port on my TV's, not powered separately at this stage...

In my suggested scenario you'd have to turn the plug back on before sending the cast, yes. Ok not suitable for your purposes.

I was probably a little quick to leap onto your suggestion, not entirely out of the question. Not ideal to need to turn the power back on, but doesn't rule it out entirely. For me using my Harmony is still the more likely option, but others may make use of a smart plug....

You have the actual Chromecast dongle I assume. Is your use-case to turn off the Chromecast without turning the TV off?

No, just to provide an automated way to achieve "Hey Google, turn off the the Kitchen Chromecast", essentially turning the TV off. Which, for me, is achievable by turning off the TV via Harmony, but that is not the case for everyone.

I don't think they really designed those devices with home automation in mind. It kills me that you can even reboot a Nest Hub without pulling power. Seems like a simple device control like that would be one of the first things developed.

What's double odd is that power control for Android TV devices is there. So why not for a device that's also meant to be used exclusively with a TV?

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I have a mix of speakers in the house. I use one speaker to tell another to turn off my TV. It uses a long press on a switch. So the rule actually turns all the lights off on the floor, and then tells one speaker to turn off the TV using TTS. Not elegant, but it works.

Pic of Rule - *Dungeon* is the light group that includes all the lights in the basement.

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