Can we select which level to update to?

For some of my devices I want to get the latest update, and that's no problem.

However, for some devices I want them to be on the last update of the 2.3.N.XXX series. In other words, I don't want them to be at the latest version, but I want them to be at the latest version of the 2.3.N series. That's probably a lot safer and they won't have any issues.

Is it possible to update to the last version of the 2.3.N series?
(Obviously, we only know that 2.3.N.XXX is the last one, when we are already at 2.3.N+1.YYY)

You can ask for some of your hubs to be in the beta so you can get the bleeding edge versions, beyond that, overall it's your choice on what devices to update when. They can't just assign your hub a specific version nor do I expect they would want to. They leave it to the end user. And remember you can always roll back.

I'm assuming you can replace that with 233 to go way back.

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There are end points available to download the last hot fix of a previous update. So say the current version is 2.3.5, if you go to the following path, you can download the last version of the 2.3.4 series:


Similar end points exist for 2.3.N updates, you just need to change the last 3 digits in the above path.


@bobbyD :slight_smile: Question:

I did the following:

Where did I download that update file to?
I don't see it in my backups list, nor do I see it in my PC's Downloads file.

Probably need to go to the diagnostics page to find it.


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I don't think so.
This is what was on the 8081 page:

Nothing that shows the last 2.3.4 version update.

That is a list of backups.
Click Install Previous Version button to change firmware.


How do I find in that list, the latest one that I downloaded from that endpoint that @bobbyD mentioned?
How do I find out the latest version number that existed?
Not necessarily on my machine, but in the updates found on Hubitat's cloud?

I don't think there's a way to version crawl the backend.

If you have multiple versions of 2.3 4 on your hub, already, then the highest number is the one you downloaded. Each end point contains the last hot fix released before a new major version was released.


I have a later version (I presume that it is the last possible version):

Correct, the was the last version of 2.3.4, which you downloaded.

One last suggestion:
May I suggest that this approach to getting the last version of a particular version be documented in the official documentation?

I believe it is but @bertabcd1234 can confirm it.

Not all hub HTTP endpoints are officially documented, particularly some of the ones that can provide a very advanced function that isn’t otherwise available in the GUI, like this one.


Yeah, I wasn't sure which is why I tagged @bertabcd1234

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In nearly all cases, the current version would be recommended, and the Diagnostic Tool can help with most of the remaining odd cases (and it is documented). My inclination is to leave this as-is given all this, though I'm open to feedback.


The reason that I suggested it, is because let's say that you have a hub at a client's site.
You want something over there that is as stable as it gets, even without all of the latest functionality that the latest versions can give you.
We have seen that the latest versions may introduce "breaking changes", although this is very rare.
So, the latest version is not necessarily the most stable one.

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