Can we just use a mobile browser tab instead of the app?


Been using the Mobile App for about 2 months. It has become unresponsive and times out with Error. I've tried deleting cache, data, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no success. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When I'm away, is there a login for a cloud dashboard that I can use in the mobile browser instead of the app? Or can we get the app fixed?

Hello, and welcome to hubitat. You can use your mobile browser. Just use the link provided by the dashoard app. You can even save it to your home screen so it shows up as fullscreen and launches directly to it.

Of course, yes - the major feature that the app brings to the party though is location tracking.

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And how's that working out?

I don't use it so I'm not in a position to for an opinion.

Different users seem to have a very different experience even using the same location reporting apps.

Ahh... I've seen lots of back and forth of it's good and it's not and about the same results as the Life360 app so I was curious.

I don't use any systems "native" geofencing as I built my own system and use mobile and vehicle gps units.

Ha - me too. But TBH it's not a major feature in my system as I'm now early retired so no more 'coming home from work early/late' scenarios. Plus if you have a technical other half these alerts are a double edged sword

Yeah I work from home mostly now so I'm not getting much use from it. But wife and kids do.

I think I've completely de-railed this thread. I'll be quiet now. Or move to a new thread.

I think you already have... :wink:

Wasn't exactly easy to get the cloud dashboard link into my mobile browser. I had to get the link from my desktop browser cloud dashboard and email it to myself to get it onto my phone. Then paste it into a mobile browser tab. I guess it will work until the token expires, then what? Do it all over again?

The token won't expire unless you un-register the hub or delete the dashboard.

Sounds like you made it harder than it needed to be: from any web browser, even the one on your phone, navigate to your hub's admin interface (e.g., just type in the IP address, or use Portal to find it if you haven't made a static/reserved address). Then click or tap "Apps" on the left--not "Dashboards"--and find Hubitat Dashboard in the list, which should have all your dashboards listed under it. Open the one you want, then copy either then "Local LAN Link" or the "Cloud Link" (obviously want cloud if you're using it away from home).

In the early days, this is the only way we had. :slight_smile: Adding the "Dashboards" menu item on the left made them easier to get to but more confusing to explain how to get the URL, and the mobile app doesn't do anything special here besides help you get to something exactly like that.

bertabcd1234, thank you. I had forgotten those dashboard links were there.