Can we have a REFRESH pull down option please in app?

Real first world stuff, but it must be a simple fix..

I nip out a LOT from home, just out of the boundary for an hour or so. Every damn time I open the app at home it asks me to remote login, so I have to quit the app and reload it to login.. then when I nip out, it says it can't access because I'm obvs not on the local. Back to quit app again, and re-open to refresh detection that I'm on the local network, or not.

Can we have a simple pull down refresh on the home screen to just reset from home or away status??

Am I missing something here? It's driving me nuts.
Latest IOS app on XSMax


I also have this problem and the device tab doesn't show correct state of switches or lamps so I have to quit the app to get them to show correctly.

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What about creating a link on you home screen to the dashboard in question vs using the app? That should auto refresh it.


Me personally haven't really used dashboards yet as only had hubitat for 2 weeks and was going to try homebridge hopefully instead of using dashboards.

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I agree a fix to this makes sense given your situation, though I'm not sure about the number of users who would benefit from this.... I could be wrong... I don't seem to have too many problems with the app like this... but maybe I don't use it in the same way.

While we wait for a fix, maybe try using a tablet in the house if you have one, and the phone connected to the cloud...? Not ideal, or perhaps even a solution...


this would be a good thing for the mobile app. i think the way the mobile app works though is it presents a kiosk version of the browser, so that's why it's similar to a browser. wonder if HE team might be able to add this though and help the app experience


That would mean my mobile is never on Wi-fi?? No good for me.

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