Can this still be done with Mode Manager?

We have a tablet set up with the basics on it. One tile does night mode. We also have a kids mode set up. There has been several times that the kids will ham fisted interact with reminders on the tablet (while in kids mode) and end up setting night mode. When they realize the mistake they will hit it again and that sets day mode. What might be the best way to go about making it impossible to set any other mode from the tablet when in kids mode? We use presence for coming out of kids mode.

There is a lot you didn't describe there in terms of what UX and experience you kids have access too, having said that I have a similar situation where I use a Lutron pico to easily arm and disarm our Alarm from the car. I've used RM to do that so that specifically I can prevent arming/disarming if we are in "night mode" so someone breaking into my car wouldn't be able to change the Mode.

I'd imagine you could program your 'tile'/button/whatever do to the same where the other buttons won't do anything, and you have an alternative way to change the mode.

I use mode manager and for the most part use time to set the various modes, but some can be manually set via different methods. This way if its set to the wrong mode it will eventually go back once a certain time of day hits. For the master bedroom I have independent rules so that whatever is going on in the rest of the house doesn't effect that room. It eliminates the possibility of the lights coming on while I sleep.