Can someone tell me what I have to change to installing pi-hole on hassio using portainer

I’m following this guide but am confused on the volumes part? Won’t mine be different because in using Also the ports thing, do I follow that verbatim?

Thank you

I think you have posted to the wrong forum ?


Maybe. Lounge says open topics and this is home automation related, kinda

I think @Kevin meant it may not be the quickest place to get that question answered. I’m pretty sure he has no issue with the question.


I agree, if I came off combative, I didn’t mean to..I just figured I’d ask here as I know there’s a couple very active raspberry pi/Linux heads here

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Understatement of the year!

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you're running portainer in honestly, i would recommend doing it the other way. set up a linux system, then install portainer and run all the docker stuff through portainer. much cleaner to manage (since a lot of times when updates, it breaks a lot of stuff)

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So I have to ask, why Pi-hole instead of the HA supported AdGuard? AdGuard is easier to use and has more features.

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Well I got a new router and adguard broke. It no longer shows my pi ip, instead it shows a funky ip than won’t work now. It worked when it used to show my pi’s ip

There’s no place like home. (

That is the software loopback address for testing the interface software without involving the network interface hardware.

I don’t use AdGuard, so I’ll have to look into it. Maybe @Vettester will have an idea.


You need to go into your router settings and change the DNS to the IP address of your pi.