Can someone check my rule

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First time post here! Excellent forums with excellent advice and people!

So here's my rule below I am trying to create:

Basically, I am trying to make a rule to turn on my outdoor patio misters for one minute(cool off the English garden) if mode is day and temp is greater than 90 degrees with a repeat once per hour as long as the above conditions are met. I would like the rule and repeats to exit if temp drops below 90 or mode changes to anything other than day.

Fore the life of me I can't seem to wrap my head around this repeat business. If anyone would be willing to look over my rule and help me make corrections or even compose a simpler rule to accomplish my mission it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Repeats confuse me too, so I won't be much help with that. But I've found a way to do similar things without using repeats. You can have a rule trigger on a periodic schedule. You can either do every so many hours or minutes, or at specific times throughout the day.

For example, something like this will check the mode and temperature at 15 minutes past every hour and if the conditions are right will open the valve for one minute.

Or, alternatively, something like this.


You need an END-REP followed by two END-IF at the end of the Rule.

Fast check from phone...
Every (if then) you open should be closed with end if.
Like parenthesis.

based on your trigger, it'll only happen when your mode becomes day. if the temperature increases after you've switched to day, your rule won't run. also, your repeat is only checking every hour to then cancel everything. you're only watering once.

you could try something like:

trigger: On every hour

action: if (mode = day && temp > 90) then
turn on misters
turn off misters -> delayed 0:01:00

this way it checks every hour and will do it only if the temp is above 90.

like this

alternatively, you could look into getting a soil moisture monitor and use that to trigger the misters, so regardless of the temp, it would keep the soil saturated

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Thanks guys! I’m going to try-write this rule to check temp every hour and trigger a quick misting if temp is over 90 and day!
Thanks all for your help!