Can light Retro fit Solutions... Plz Help!

I'll say that zigbee and z-wave aren't going anywhere anytime soon. (Especially zigbee considering it's the base protocol in matter) We also avoid any and all wifi that doesn't have local integration (most wifi stuff is cloud based and should be avoided at all costs).


Then what not-yet-existing tech did he suggest you run towards? :rofl: I mean it IS home automation so basically everything is always soon to be outdated...but geez come on, neither are disappearing in the immediate future like he was implying.

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Are these the ones you have?
They use the Smart Life App, not the best for integrating with Hubitat.
Edit: Hmm no mention of UL approval, maybe check the ones you have for a stamp.

Edit2: :slight_smile: Eaton makes a nice colour temp version, Halo 2700k-5000k, but it's Zigbee.


  • RECESSED DOWNLIGHTS: Make your home smarter with these WiFi recessed downlights. The color changing lights deliver exceptional color and clarity with a temperature range of 2700-6500k for your choice of both warm and cool lighting, along with over 16 million colors to choose from. These 5/6 inch LED recessed lights are a great choice for your living room, bedroom, office, and kitchen.
  • BETTER CLARITY & BRIGHTNESS: Our LED recessed lighting has a 90+ CRI which offers a significant boost in color clarity compared to traditional LED lights, making colors appear more accurately. These LED ceiling lights have a high brightness of 1200 lumens and a wide 100° beam angle.
  • SMART SCHEDULING: Automate your lighting with the touch of a button using the Smart Life App. These smart LED downlights can be set to a schedule or timer. Control these recessed lightings separately or in a group for a customized experience that works for you and your family. With these smart downlights, you can turn the lights on/off, change colors or dim the lights remotely using the mobile app.
  • ALEXA & GOOGLE HOME COMPATIBLE (NO HUB REQUIRED): These smart lights can be easily linked to Alexa or Google Home voice assistant using the Smart Life app. Use simple voice commands like “Alexa, dim the kitchen lights to 60%” for perfect mood lighting. These WIFI lights are easy to set up with no hub required. All you need is a 2.4G WIFI connection and the Smart Life App.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The recessed downlights come with an E26 base and mounting tabs for quick and easy installation with no additional accessories or tools required. These LED recessed downlights are suitable for 5/6 inch housing cans. The smart lights have a lifetime rating of 25,000 hours so you won’t have to replace them for a long time.

I asked him the same question. He just keeps pushing me to Leviton switches. He's a fan of the above mentioned can light retro fits that just have a switch to change between warm and cool light. That's the last resort for me as I would like to be able to have cool light during the day and warm light in evenings/ when entertaining.

I believe these will also work for you.. (Hubitat has native integration)

As an LIFX fan, those look really neat!
The pre-order price is very good for LIFX lights.

And yet, delivery is expected October 22, 2022. I have read that LIFX Is having business issues.

I hope they last. Their bulbs are outstanding, IMHO.


Not quite, I think. Their parent company has entered into an arrangement with the Australian government to avoid bankruptcy. While that does add an element of uncertainty to LIFX’s future, there are many ways that the end result could be just fine for LIFX, even if the parent company or its other subsidiaries cease to exist in their current form.


I had never heard that before.. Interesting. In hind sight I would add in my last home we just replaced the bulbs with LED bulbs, (from Incandescent) , now I think these give a more finished look .

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