Can I use Hubitat Elevation without an internet connection?

Hello my name is Cody and I have been researching your product this morning. I work on film sets doing special effects and wifi is not an option as we are in weird locations all the time. I want to be able to control our fans on an app with z wave smart plugs without ever using a wifi network in different locations every day. Can I do that with this smarthub? Can it just be plugged into power and not connected to an internet connection at all? Thank you

Hubitat Elevation is a powerful device capable of controlling Z-Wave and Zigbee devices without a network or internet connection. Registration is not required but initial set-up requires a network connection in order to be able to interact with the hub from another device connected to the same network. Once the set-up is completed (devices added and rules built) it can function independently. However, a network connection is required in order to access the hub from a nearby device.


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Please see this topic if you'd like to continue the discussion about network connectivity requirements:

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Great thank you and to answer other questions it’s just for fans we use to spread haze effects in large areas. Hazers we already have full control over through dmx receivers and control through an app on an ipad. I’m trying to make it so we can also turn on and off of our supplementary fans on that same ipad in a way that doesn’t cost $1,000. This is the task my boss is asking me to figure out.


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