Can I use a Zooz S2 stick 700 to add devices to my hub?

My hub is in my attic. When I want to add a device, I have to go up there to get the device close to the hub for pairing. I thought I read somewhere that I can use the Zooz stick on my PC to add devices and not have to venture into the attic.

ZWave supports NWI (Network Wide Inclusion) allowing you to put the device where it belongs and then Include via the Mesh. The exceptions will be devices that insist on 'whisper include' which are rare to modern ZWave devices.

If the device you are trying to include with a secondary controller will use no security, then yes, it will add correctly. Using S0 probably won't because the security key has to come from the primary controller.

If your question is generic.. just for future reference, then the answer s generally yes. But there are exceptions and most of those are going to be concentrated in the whisper category.