Can I trust Code Release 2.2.9?

I personally don't think there's an issue with 2.2.9, or the frequent point-updates for Hubitat software (in general).

But perhaps for user's like @ksgnow2010, there could be a "stable" software channel that only advertises the update after it's settled down. E.g., Release 2.2.8 had a number of small updates up through Aug 13, and then they stopped. When the updates to a release stop for a week and there are no known issues, then it gets announced to the hubs on the stable channel. User's could optionally select that the update looks for the latest software (current model) or the stable software.

This would just codify what some people already manually do: don't update until they no longer see new point updates coming out.

Of course, I personally would rather Hubitat work on great new features (and bug fixes) instead of spending time to add a stable software channel.