Can I trigger an event when a Scene is active, or if not, when 5 shades are all set to a certain level?

I use RadioRA2 for my Keypads, and then have Lutron Serena shades with Caseta. I'm trying to have the LED on the RA2 keypad light up when the blinds are set a certain way but wasn't sure how or if this is possible.

I have 3 scenes created "Morning", "Afternoon", and "Evening" with the Groups and Scenes app. Each sets the shades differently, like Evening has most of them closed with one open, morning has 2 closed with 2 at 50% and 1 at 30%, and so on.

I'm trying to light up the RA2 keypad LED when one of these scenes is active but wasn't sure if I can do that. I don't see scene as a trigger under rule machine but wasn't sure if I can also do it based on if the shade values are a set value.

Basically I'd want the trigger and action for the first event to be:

IF Shade 1 is 100%, and Shade 2 is 50%, and Shade 3 is 50%, and Shade 4 is 75%, and Shade 5 is 10%
THEN set Keypad Button 1 LED to ON
ELSE set Keypad Button 1 LED to OFF

Is this possible to accomplish?

Yes, definitely... I would suggest maybe using your IF conditional as a predicate rule and then maybe make the trigger ANY of the shades changes, it should work. Likewise you could make the trigger ANY of the shades change, and have a conditional statement within the rule.

Thank you so much! That worked!

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