Can I temporarily use smartthings as a Lutron "hub"?

I am ready to move from smartthings to hubitat, I use Lutron Caseta switches and I know that for hubitat to control Lutron Caseta switches I need the Pro hub. HOWEVER. I don't have the money to buy a hubitat hub and a lutron pro hub right now

What I want to do is move all of my smart home devices from the smartthings hub, to the Hubitat hub except the Lutron switches. Then connect the Hubitat hub and Smartthings hub and use smartthings to control my Lutron switches without a Pro hub. I basicly want to use smartthings as an "adapter" but still do all the logic ant automation through Hubitat.

Will this work? or do I need to wait to get started untill I have money for the Lutron PRO hub?

So should be able to use your smartthings devices on HE without issue.

My question do you have your Lutron switches connected to smartthings now?

It is through the non pro hub, so it is a cloud connection.

Yes. This will work. You will have to use HubConnect to bring your SmartThings cloud-connected devices to Hubitat.

See more details here: