Can I Still Use Harmony Remote to Control HE Lights?

Hi again!

I just remembered that I have a Logitech Harmony remote/hub that I use to control a couple of lights in my master bedroom. I use 2 of the device buttons on the remote for lights and the remote's off button to turn off tv, lights, etc.

I know there is no "official" integration, so my question is, what's the easiest way to allow my remote to continue to control my lights if/when I migrate them from ST?



Iā€™m sure others will have a different suggestion, but I would keep it connected to SmartThings and use Other Hub 2 to link the ST hub to Hubitat.

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There's kind of a way to do it with the Off command using @ogiewon's Harmony driver. But, using the remote buttons, I'm not 100% sure that could be done. I know that his driver does capture Harmony "events" over the websocket, but I don't know if button presses are passed back in activities.

@ogiewon, thoughts?

I haven't done it personally, but at least one user has customized my Harmony Integration to capture those button presses and then perform actions within Hubitat directly. This does require that those button presses be integrated directly between Harmony and a supported platform (like Philips Hue or SmartThings) in order for the data to be captured via the webSockets interface.

Buried within the main Harmony Hub thread is the technique...

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Just bought this Harmony Go app. Says it supports web sockets. Could be an interesting alternative for Harmony Control.

I've been contemplating a Windows Node.js server on a mini-pc. I could potentially run this app on there and control it from HE.

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