Can I skip version upgrades?

My C7 hub is on the latest, but can we skip minor versions if we forget to update? That is, is it safe to just make up, and jump say, from directly to Or, will I need to update each individual release one by one till I reach the latest?

You do not. Hubitat updates are cumulative. You can skip minor and major updates. The power is in your hands. If your system runs well and you don't see any new features or enhancements that you are interested in, you don't need to update at all. In fact there are many users who still run 2 years old versions and they are happy. We make efforts to perform regression testing for older releases up to at least a year old, so I do recommend updating at least once a year.


Hi Bobby, are there instructions in the docs, or elsewhere for how to update to something older than the latest available release? I would like to upgrade but in smaller steps than where I'm at to the latest. Thanks.

Not possible, AFAIK. When you do choose to upgrade, the most recently released version is the only option.


The diagnostic tool will show the last few platform updates seen on your hub, and you can revert to one of them.

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